Estech, Inc. was founded to carry out R&D on Algal Turf Scrubbing, ecosystem modeling, aquaculture and the scale-up of water cleaning systems. In agreement with most of the scientific community, we recognize that atmospheric alteration and resulting global warming, is a serious environmental issue. Global warming is the first human-created, global-altering process to become widely-accepted. Biodiversity loss and habitat reduction, as well as unsustainable fishing, are widely known in the scientific and environmental communities, but have not been seriously addressed. Global scale degeneration of our hydrosphere is more insidious, because it largely remains beyond public view. Numerous “dead” areas, some the size of countries, have been created by human waste waters, mostly in bays and gulfs around the fringes of oceans. In addition, waste toxic compounds are everywhere in the world ocean, reaching the most remote regions. This dumping of human waste products not only affects many wild populations of fish and marine mammals, but also negatively affects a large part of humanity.

Algal turfs build their biomass principally from CO2, at a very high rate. We feel that Algal Turf Scrubbing can play a crucial role in slowing and eventually blocking the progress of global warming, at the same time being a critical source of solar bioenergy. Currently the “favored solution” to these problems is large-scale, bioenergy agriculture (principally corn, soy and sugar). The comparatively low solar efficiency of these crops, the very large land areas required and a necessity to fertilize and provide herbicides and pesticides provide serious environmental challenges that can result in polluted surface waters and accelerated soil loss.

Implementation of a national algae-based surface water treatment program that includes application of large scale regional Multi-Use Algal Turf Scrubber® facilities offers a solution to these challenges by providing cost-effective nitrogen and phosphorus recovery from impaired surface waters, biodiesel production and high grade soil amendments. These regional Algal Turf Scrubber® systems will allow farmers to produce more crops while protecting surface waters like the Mississippi River, Gulf of Mexico and Chesapeake Bay from excess nutrients. Rather than impose restrictions on fertilizer use, which reduce crop and ethanol production, fertilizer producers could work to establish a fertilizer excise tax that would help fund operations of these surface water treatment systems.

From this national algae based surface water treatment program, everyone benefits:

- Farmers would produce more crops for food and ethanol, strengthening the U.S. farmer
- Increased crop production would allow U.S. agriculture to meet both food and ethanol production demands
- Our nation’s surface waters would be protected and restored through implementation of the national algae-based surface water treatment program
- Valuable by-products of the algae based water treatment systems would include large volume biodiesel production and high grade soil amendments
- Fertilizer sales would be increased, creating jobs and benefiting the economy
- Construction and operation of the surface water treatment systems would create jobs in rural areas, further benefiting rural economies
- Algae-based water treatment systems would recover CO2

We ask everyone interested in global solutions to our environment problems to bring this website, and its links to the attention of responsible government, foundation and business leaders and to friends and associates. These problems can be solved, but they involve serious commitment to solutions, rather than business as usual.