HydroMentia Inc., of Ocala, Florida, an engineering firm specializing in water pollution control, is the holder of the industrial license for Algal Turf Scrubbing. HydroMentia has developed expanded ATS systems for the economic removal of nutrients from large bodies of water. With modular designs that can be scaled to any dimension, these systems could clean the Mississippi River capturing solar energy at industrial scale while removing significant carbon from the Earth’s atmosphere.

Currently in use to treat the municipal and agriculturally-contaminated waters flowing into the northern Indian River, this plant removes nutrients from 15 million gpd.

A twelve unit 1440 acre series of ATS plants has been designed for removing 25-50% of the agriculturally-derived nutrients in the Suwanee River of northern Florida. Treating 3Bgpd of water, and using the newer algal substrate technologies, this series of plants would produce about 100,000 tons (dry) of algae per year. In addition to scrubbing the nutrients that would otherwise enter the Gulf of Mexico, leading to red tides and further dead zones, this system is capable of producing the equivalent of 150,000 barrels of oil (or equivalent) per year and 50,000 tons of organic fertilizer.

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